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  why an accountant?

As accountants, we specialise in the financial and administrative aspects of business operations. We prepare annual accounts, perform audits and keep ourselves apprised of every regulatory twist and turn. This has made us the consultant and counsellor for small and medium-size enterprises.

What does an accountant do?
We collect financial information and translate it into reports. We also perform audits to see whether your company’s financial statements provide a correct and complete representation of your company’s financial situation. If you so wish, we also issue an audit opinion in this regard. Audit opinions are valued by various parties, such as your company’s shareholders. These opinions let the shareholders know how their money has been used in the past year. Audit opinions may also be required when submitting credit or subsidy applications to financial institutions or governments. This opinion also sharply highlights the difference between firms that perform administrative work and accountancy firms: only accountancy firms are authorised to issue audit opinions.

I understand
But an accountant does more than that, right?
Yes, of course, and that brings us to another, and perhaps the most interesting part of an accountant’s work: supporting companies in determining their policies by providing them with a comprehensive explanation of the financial and tax consequences their proposed policies will have. This explanation is crucial to you as an entrepreneur because it enables you to assess your company’s situation and determine whether it would be advisable to make a certain investment or follow a certain course of action.

What else?
You can also consult us for advice on financial/administrative matters, acquisitions, succession and starting and ending your business. We will provide you with tax, economic, social and legal advice, as well as providing you with advice on management-support and ICT issues.

How does an accountant keep his professional knowledge up to date?
We are obliged to ensure that we annually update our professional knowledge. Each year, we are required to follow courses or trainings in order to achieve a certain number of PE (Permanent Education) points.

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