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  why a tax consultant?

As tax consultants, we provide you with advice on your tax position and ensure that all of the relevant tax returns are filed. We ensure that you pay as little tax as possible (within the law, of course).

Is every tax consultant well-qualified?
There are no statutory rules governing the tax consultancy profession. In contrast to the rules in the countries that border the Netherlands, anyone in this country can dispense advice on the most complex tax issues. This means that the entrepreneur seeking advice has to separate the wheat from the chaff. Using our Federation Tax Consultant [Federatie Belastingadviseur] (“FTC”) ensures that you receive high-quality advice.

Why opt for an FTC over an ordinary consultant?
There are various reasons for making this choice. Our FTC has completed a university or equivalent degree in tax law. He is also mandated to keep his knowledge up to date by periodically taking courses in his field. An FTC is also bound by professional practice rules, which means that if you have a complaint about his services, you can submit it to an independent disciplinary board.

In short, our FTC is your partner in tax matters. He does his utmost to defend your interests. Together with you, our FTC will review your records, identify potential problems and, within the boundaries of applicable tax law, develop solutions that take your personal situation into account.

What is the difference between a tax consultant and an accountant?
An accountant prepares and audits annual financial statements. There are some tax issues involved in this work, and most accountants provide a degree of advice on simple tax issues. Our tax consultant becomes involved when matters become more complicated.

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