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  the power of a strong network

Constantly changing laws and regulations. A dynamic market. Developments and trends. All things that create tricky problems for you. And things you need to adequately respond to quickly – preferably yesterday.

From a to z
We constantly anticipate all the changes in the market, as well as amendments to laws and regulations. A strong network is indispensable in this regard. In addition to close ties with fellow service providers and consultants, a strong network also requires cooperation with large, specialised organisations that have complete knowledge of all the various issues involved.

To keep our network strong, we are members of:

  • The NBA (Dutch Institute of Chartered Accountants), which promotes and safeguards the quality of our professional practice. (website)
  • The RB (Dutch Register of Tax Consultants), a professional organisation for tax consultants founded by tax consultants. (website)
  • Extendum, a professional organisation for accounting firms catering to small and medium-size business. (website)

These memberships not only assure you that our high level of quality will be ensured for the long term, they also assure you of our ability to support you with every possible business issue, even the most difficult ones.

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