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  starters guidance

The business plan. Applying for financing. Dealing with tax authorities. There are all kinds of things that must be kept in mind when starting your own business. It is crucial that you properly tackle these issues right at the start. We would be pleased to help you take your first steps as an entrepreneur.

Here are some of the services we offer new entrepreneurs:

  • support in drafting a business plan and a company strategy
  • assistance with choosing a legal form
  • performing a market or industry analysis
  • providing advice on tax breaks (deductible items, exemptions, etc.)
  • registering your business with various agencies and institutions (such as the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration Belastingdienst) and benefits agencies [uitvoeringsinstellingen]
  • acting as an expert contact when applying for financing at a bank
  • setting up a financial administration system and/or payroll records

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